PNRR ‘Green Revolution and Ecological Transition’

2022 Photovoltaic Incentives for Farms: The Agrisolar Park

The Ministerial Decree defining the application modalities of the PNRR measure called ‘Parco Agrisolare’ is about to be sent to the State-Regions Conference. Its main objective is to reduce the environmental impact of the agri-food chain by encouraging investments in photovoltaic systems to be installed on the roofs of buildings used for agricultural, zootechnical and agri-industrial purposes. The call for tenders aims to support investments for the construction of electricity production plants in the agricultural sector, covering a total area of 4.3 million square metres for 0.43 GW, thus helping to increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of the sector by totally excluding land consumption. The measure will also provide for the upgrading of the structures concerned by removing asbestos/etc. on the roofs and/or improving the insulation and ventilation of the roofs concerned. The financial resources made available amount to a total of €1.5 billion for the whole country.

Who are the beneficiaries

Professional Agricultural Entrepreneurs (IAP)

referred to in Legislative Decree no. 99/2004 and Legislative Decree no. 101/2005

Direct farmers (CD)

Registered farmers

Agro-industrial enterprises

(ATECO code)

For each beneficiary, the maximum eligible expenditure is €250,000.00 excluding VAT, while the maximum eligible investment, with reference to the recognised interventions, is € 1,500.00/kWp; in order to be eligible for the incentive, the photovoltaic systems must have a capacity of no less than 10 kWp and no more than 300 kWp. For investments made, the measure provides for the recognition of a capital grant of up to 65% of the maximum eligible expenditure, with an increase of 25% for young entrepreneurs. The applications of the call will then be managed by the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE), indicated by Mipaaf as the implementer of the PNRR intervention line.

Eligible interventions include the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels, together with the execution of one or more of the following interventions:

Removal and disposal of asbestos from roofs

Thermal insulation of roofs

Implementation of a ventilation system in connection with roof replacement

(air gap)


While waiting for the publication of the call with the exact indication of the documentation needed to accompany the application, we suggest that interested parties contact us immediately to obtain technical advice on the feasibility of the project so that we will be ready when the measure is released. More specifically, Fotovoltaica srl will provide:
  • preliminary analysis on the feasibility of the project,
  • drafting the project and submitting the application,
And if the project is eligible for support, Fotovoltaica srl will build your system and provide assistance at all stages, both construction and technical-administrative.

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