Turnkey photovoltaic systems


A photovoltaic system produces electricity from sunlight, a clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy source. The systems, whether for domestic/industrial use, small or large, can be integrated on roofs, on canopies, on greenhouses, on car parks, on the ground. Despite decades of experience, our group does not recommend the installation of systems with an accumulation system: we believe that, at present, the payback times are not sustainable.

Our team is highly qualified, consisting of technical staff (engineers, surveyors, architects) and qualified installers. We provide our customers with turnkey systems: we follow their design, construction, installation, maintenance, the start of the Enel connection request, and the request to the GSE for recognition of the incentive tariff.

Our engineers carry out high-level planning: using the PVSYST shadow simulator, they study the productivity of the installations in detail.

For systems below 20 kWp for domestic/industrial use, there is on-site exchange: I self-consume at the very moment I produce, with no additional excise duty; I can use the portion not consumed and fed into the grid in a deferred manner. This share of energy is, however, increased by excise duties. I do not pay any energy costs on the deferred portion. I will therefore have a considerable gain in my bill if my consumption is reasoned and prudent.


Photovoltaic Superbonus

Tax incentives are an advantageous opportunity for the installation of photovoltaics. In particular, the so-called Photovoltaic Superbonus, extended by the Budget Law until 2023.


Great savings opportunity

The Photovoltaic Superbonus can apply to single-family homes, multi-family homes and apartment blocks. It represents a great opportunity for savings.


Turn to competent professionals

To access the Superbonus with 90% deductions for energy efficiency measures, it is essential to contact competent professionals. This is the only way to avoid the risk of losing the tax benefits.

Romeo Group Photovoltaics

We offer comprehensive support for the implementation of a photovoltaic system

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL operates throughout Italy as a General Contractor. We are available to assist those interested in a photovoltaic system with 360° solutions at every step.

We work with various financial partners (BPER Banca, Banca Intesa, MPS, BCC Mediocrati).
For tax compliance, we are advised by Deloitte, one of the world's leading audit and consulting firms.
We offer all clarifications and information on regulations and procedures for the bonus. Please contact us on 0983.565374 for all enquiries


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