Services for municipalities

Expertise for sustainable solutions

Services for municipalities

The services dedicated to municipalities are many. They range from energy-efficient public lighting (through the energy efficiency of the entire public lighting network) to building renovations under the thermal account, as well as administrative procedures for GSE incentives and the drafting and implementation of a Municipal (or even Regional) Energy Plan and territorial energy plans with annexed assessment of the reference territory. Last but not least, Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL also deals with energy planning and programming for the PA (Public Administration), consultancy and engineering services, and the calibration and verification of protection systems.


Implementation of the Municipal Energy Plan

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL provides more than 35 years of expertise throughout the country for the implementation of the Energy Plan for the territories, to aim at reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of renewable sources.


Administrative steps for GSE incentives

GSE – Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (Energy Services Manager) is the company identified by the State to put into practice the objectives of environmental sustainability in the two pillars of energy efficiency and renewable sources. Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL offers assistance in the fulfilment of GSE incentives.

Services for municipalities

A range of services to municipal realities

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL has been working for many years in various areas of the Italian territory offering services to Municipalities with customized solutions for their needs.

Engineering and management of municipal plants
Improving public lighting efficiency
Processing administrative procedures related to projects that use GSE incentives
Various engineering services
Municipal energy plan: assessment of energy resources in the area in order to reduce energy consumption
Building renovations for energy efficiency, using various possible bonus (Sisma Bonus, Ecobonus, Bonus Facciate, Thermal Account)
Calibration and verification of protection systems

Romeo Group Photovoltaics

We have been transforming projects into energy for over 30 years

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL was founded im 1987 by two brothers – Cataldo and Giovanni Romeo – with a great love for nature and for the environment. They  created a company that today can boast more than a thousand photovoltaic plants.

We think Renewable, we build plants to produce energy. Clean and silent energy, an insurance for the future. We put our skills at the service of municipalities, individuals and companies.

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