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Company specialized in the design, construction, and management of photovoltaic systems

Romeo Group Photovoltaics

A story of unexpected coincidences

between the Chernobyl accident and reflections on the risks of nuclear power

A degree in nuclear engineering in his pocket and a great desire to change the world thanks to what he has studied. In 1986, Cataldo Romeo took his first steps into the world of work.

The unexpected immediately arrives. A coincidence that already becomes a keystone. It is the year of the Chernobyl accident and reflections on the risks of nuclear power are tragically topical.

That coincidence turns into destiny, when a leaflet on the opportunities offered by photovoltaics calls into question everything learned in the academic course.
A brochure that arrived by chance in the hands of Engineer Romeo indicates that the time has already come to change course.

We Think Sustainable



Unity of purpose, unity of choices, unity of a horizon that tends towards the search for the new.

The company, founded by the Romeo brothers, has evolved over the years, translating the advantages of using state-of-the-art equipment into savings for the end consumer.

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica Srl, based in the municipality of Corigliano Rossano in the province of Cosenza, offers its services throughout Italy and in particular in Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania and their provinces.

We have been designing and implementing photovoltaic systems of the highest level for years, mainly for companies located in Calabria, but not only.  Our team of professionals is able to realise tailor-made projects for each of our clients, studying the installation location and realising the project in order to optimise the yield of the installations.

If you have a property in need of energy efficiency measures, we at Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL are the perfect company for your needs.

Thanks to our team of professionals, we will be able to advise on the perfect measures to ensure maximum optimisation.

One of the most innovative services we offer our customers is that of energy communities. An energy community is created when a group of private citizens, companies or associations come together to produce and consume energy from renewable sources directly on site. A community that uses green energy produced on a zero kilometre basis.

Our experience in the renewable energy sector makes us the perfect partner for the design and implementation of large-scale regional energy plans.

We have always made our skills and services available to the PA.

When we talk about Ecobonus, we mean a series of concessions and tax breaks for building work aimed at improving the energy efficiency of various types of buildings. At Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL, we are able to take care of both the project and all the necessary paperwork in order to obtain all the benefits.

Planning, design and administrative assistance for individuals and companies

Energy efficiency, redevelopment of buildings and whole urban areas

General Contractor

Romeo Group Photovoltaics

  • Renewable energy
  • Photovoltaic power stations
  • Energy communities
  • Superbonus 90%

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL provides citizens, public companies and private enterprises with more than 35 years of expertise as a General Contractor throughout Italy, for services such as renovation and energy efficiency of buildings.

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