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Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL was founded in 1987 in Mandatoriccio, in the province of Cosenza, by the entrepreneurial mind of two brothers – Cataldo and Giovanni Romeo. Today the company, which over the years has expanded and developed new and innovative products and services for its customers, is based in Corigliano Rossano, also in the province of Cosenza. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the determination and the love not only for their land (Calabria), but above all for nature and the environment, the two Romeo brothers and their staff have made today, the Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL, a company that can boast more than a thousand photovoltaic systems built all over the world.

A degree in nuclear engineering and a great desire to change the world
Clean and quiet energy - a security for the future
Sun, water, wind, earth. Four words to describe a new horizon

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Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL deals with renewable energy and energy waste reduction

Romeo Group Fotovoltaica SRL caters for private individuals, companies and public bodies by offering a range of services aimed at energy efficiency and all related activities.

Thanks to the work of professionals in the sector and the experience gained in over 30 years of activity, the company has always been a reference point in the energy efficiency sector. Our team of civil and energy engineers and architects follows the client from the economic assessment, design and implementation of the interventions, to the fiscal and incentive assistance.


A highly qualified team provides customers with turnkey photovoltaic systems.

Energy efficiency

Property renovation and efficiency. Expert services for energy efficiency.

Energy communities

Building an energy community means taking steps towards a green future.

power plants

Design, construction and operation of large photovoltaic power plants.


Drafting of Territorial Energy Plans, services and expertise at the service of PA.


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Fotovoltaica srl: Superbonus 110%, a great opportunity also for photovoltaic installation

Italy is among the most virtuous countries for the consumption of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels. Numbers, however, destined to grow thanks to tax incentives, the so-called Superbonus Photovoltaic, extended by the Budget Law until 2022…

Fotovoltaica srl: the 110% Superbonus is also an opportunity for savings in photovoltaic installation

The company, founded in 1987 in Mandatoriccio, in the province of Cosenza, on the initiative of brothers Cataldo and Giovanni Romeo, has taken on the role of General Contractor in the context of tax breaks for energy efficiency…

Fotovoltaica srl: Superbonus 110%, una grande opportunità anche per l’installazione del fotovoltaico

L’Italia è tra i Paesi più virtuosi per i consumi di elettricità prodotta da pannelli fotovoltaici. Numeri, comunque destinati a crescere grazie anche agli incentivi fiscali, il cosiddetto Superbonus Fotovoltaico, prorogato dalla Legge di Bilancio fino al 2022…

Fotovoltaica srl: il Superbonus 110% costituisce un’opportunità di risparmio anche per l’installazione del fotovoltaico

L’azienda, nata nel 1987 a Mandatoriccio, in provincia di Cosenza, per iniziativa dei fratelli Cataldo e Giovanni Romeo, ha assunto il ruolo di General Contractor nell’ambito delle agevolazioni fiscali per l’efficientamento energetico…

Amendolara, arriva la comunità energetica: impianto fotovoltaico gratuito per i cittadini aderenti

Equip your home, office or company with a small photovoltaic system to cover your energy needs, save money and make an environmentally sustainable choice.

Amendolara in the spotlight for an eco-sustainable world: the Energy Community

Ciminelli: ‘This is one of those projects that we should bequeath to future generations, an economic and social development model in which we must have the courage to invest’.

Amendolara punta a diventare ‘comunità energetica’, sabato presentazione del progetto ai cittadini

Another step towards environmental sustainability.
Amendolara, a small municipality in the province of Cosenza, continues to invest in photovoltaics and aims to become an ‘energy community’…

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